Your life is currency.

In this game, everything and everyone has it’s own value. From the seed that you pick up from the forest to plant in your farm, the wood you use to build houses and fuel your campfire, to the different animals that you meet in the forest, each having its own set of abilities. As their new mayor, the fate of the village is in your hands, make the right choice and see it grow, or choose to keep it a smaller tight-knit community. Your life is the currency, you decide.

As you begin your new role, you will need to gather food, seed and wood to the village to make sure your community grow. Be careful, the forest has many dangers. Bring back your finding to the campfire and the barn, build farms and houses (press B) and bring new animals to your little town.

Those new friends will help you gather food, get through bigger obstacle (rabbit = jump higher, bear = can move big boulder and rocks, duck can see danger and treasure from the sky)…

And don’t forget, every day, our villagers consume food. If we ran out of food or wood, the villagers will leave until there is no one anymore… Same thing for the campfire. They need to feel secure at night, always keep some wood in stock !

Movement: ASDW 

Rotate Camera: right click + drag 
Zoom in/out: mouse scroll 
Jump: space 
Run: hold shift 
Build menu: B 
Reset Camera : R 
Restart Game : P

Pixel's Villagers is a game that was developed solo in 72 hours for the 44th LudumDare gamejam, live on in April 2019

Oh and a post gamejam version is under development - it's coming soon !


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Poor camera controls; Poor interface; Poor screen resolution adaption; Poor controls. Just overall a poor game implementation--I was hoping for more from the description. :-(

Cute concept but your camara controls ruin the game. I cant see whats around me. changing angles so i can takes forever. also the way you did your tutorial text was annoying but the camara is the big issue