A downloadable game for Windows

Deeper and deeper... into debt.
Developed solo by @gamedevklingon in 72 hours for the #48th Ludum Dare

Based on GTA2 and DopeWars

Goal: You have 30 days to collect $50 000 and pay off your debts to the Loan Shark

You can steal vehicles and sell them, buy and sell contrabands, or work as a legit garbage man. 


WASD : Movement

Left shift : Turbo ( car )

E : Enter vehicle

F: Disembark vehicle

L: Teleport to location (Lose 1 day and $50)

F8 : Restart the game

(Credits : Graphics by @iknowkingrabbit)

The game is almost completed, but I lacked time to finish it properly. It is still playable entirely but, bugs are to be expected. (UI bugs... please run in full screen)

I'm currently working on a post-jam version of the game ;)

For updates, you can follow me on instagram and twitter: @gamedevklingon


win.zip 20 MB

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